Staff Picks

Some of the favorite h-manga of our staff, which you should definitely give a read.

JustAnotherExLurker's Favorite Doujin

"I love monster girls, but scyllas are my favorite. Plus who doesn't love a marriage ending?"





Nebulous' Favorite Doujin

"VERY high effort on every front. Art is incredibly professional, scanlations are god tier. So much love from everyone!"

by Jorori


Emilia's Favorite Doujin

"I like the changing power dynamic from a servant-master relationship to a more mutual devotion. The plot is a 10/10 and it's an absolute roller coaster of a doujin."

by Ozaken


Fled's Favorite Doujin

"It has a nice build up through multiple dates, with the girl learning to be happy throughout and the guy doing his best to help, and the sex is consensual and gentle by the time it starts."

by Syoukaki


Catto's Favorite Doujin

"I like kuudere girls, I like white hair, I like short hair, and I play the game. A natural choice for me."

by Oriue Wato




FBI's Favorite Doujin

"My first ever childhood friend doujin, will always have a special place in my heart."

by Hiroya


Sting's Favorite Doujin

"Iconic. Also saved me a lot of work making branding."

by Jorori




Fort, Atomic's Favorite Doujin

"I love the girl's reactions, their interactions and the art style, as it feels more like a romance manga than a hentai."

by Inomoto Rikako


You’ll Retry


Plurmp's Favorite Doujin

"A college-age couple working through their sex struggles and trying their hardest to make each other happy? What's not to love?"

by Herio


Fumpkin's Favorite Doujin

"The way the male protagonist comforts the female protagonist when she brings up her insecurities makes me happy, plus tall tomboy is kinda my thing."

by Ushino Kandume


Tasiam's Favorite Doujin

"Atago's adorable daily life as a housewife and mother."

by Kisaragi Mizu


SubWei's Favorite Doujin

"Simon is my all-time favorite doujin artist, and this one happened to be my favorite."

by Simon


Demon's Favorite Doujin

"One of my all-time favourite doujins, it got me into reading a whole lot of them, which made me quit League for a week."

by Momoko


Hot Spring Trip


Onion's Favorite Doujin

"It's always a warm and fuzzy feeling for me to see romantic feelings come before the rest, yknow? The rest just follows from that."

by Senyuu


Rei's Favorite Doujin

"Mutual understanding do be hitting different."

by Ohmi Takeshi


Colors' Favorite Doujin

"From the build up of the relationship, to the background, to the consensual sex, this story never loses focus of the plot, leading to a happy ending."

by Danimaru