Here you can find our standard operating procedures, along with a list of all our tags.


How This List Was Put Together

First, we had to hunt for our prey. Some of us ran a full scan of every single nhentai doujin and parsed through Pastebins of hundreds of links, while others went through countless Reddit saveds, plumbed the depths of exhentai, and scoured the wastelands of countless doujin websites.

Once we felt that we had enough links (around 7900 then, now 9000), the vetting began. Every doujin was thoroughly checked for any loli/shota (multiple times), tagged, tiered, and sorted, then passed to a final check list for quality control. Once final checks were completed, they were added to the final list.

This might sound easy, but just sorting, tagging, tiering, and quality checking a single doujin, even with this rudimentary tag system, probably takes around 3-5 minutes of time. This would have been impossible without the help of our collaborators.

The end result is a thing of beauty. A list with all the tags that people want to see, along with warnings about potentially dangerous subjects, that has been thoroughly checked for any underage characters or licensed content (it fully conforms to subreddit rules). This ended up being a huge passion project for us - nobody can put this much labor into something they don't like. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Criteria for Doujins

Obviously, we need to have criteria for these things. Here's our criteria - 4 items:

The rest of the page has more in-depth info about all of these.

Procedure for Checking for Underage

A problem with a lot of these doujins is that they're underage. This list was originally intended for a subreddit, and it still is (r/WholesomeHentai).

Thus, we elected to keep all the underage stuff out of this website, which isn't easy, but we have a very specific procedure to do it.


  1. Check if the doujin is a parody
    • If it is, check if the characters are 18+ in canon
  2. Look at any panel without context. If one of the characters cannot be reasonably assumed to be 18+ (i.e. 1000-year old lolis), remove it.
  3. Check for any mentions of ages. If an age lower than 18 is mentioned for any of the MCs, remove it.
    • This means that even a single mention of the words "senpai" or "second year" in a high school context is grounds for removal.

Licensed Doujins

There isn't much to say here. Licensed doujins aren't allowed because of how licensing works. We're not here to steal money out of the pockets of creators.

Also, posting licensed content is very much against subreddit rules.

There are many sources of licensed content, but the main one is FAKKU. We make sure to search and check on many websites to make sure these are unlicensed in English, but as you can imagine, with a list this large, things are bound to slip through the cracks.

We've developed a bot to do this sort of license-checking in a much better way through AI language processing, or in other words, searching by meaning, not text match.

This way, we can get matches across languages, so the bot can detect the Japanese word "tiramisu" in a search for the word "cake."

If we missed anything that's licensed, please message us or email us at


Here's a list of our tags.

Again, with a list this large, things are bound to slip through the cracks. If you find a missing / wrong tag, notify us on the Discord in the channels designated for it.


We have the following tiers:

Each tier is further categorized into +/- tiers, such as A- or C+. The S+ tier however, does not exist.

These are tiered objectively (we have multiple people agree on the tier before adding it to the list). Additionally, these are tiered on the basis of wholesomeness - while being full color / uncensored / a masterpiece will give it that according tag, full color will NOT raise the tier.


Q. What happened to the sheet?

A. Google took it down. Apparently, there's a clause in their Terms of Service that disallows anything redirecting traffic to commercial pornography sites. But clearly, us weebs are better than Google and have a more glorious purpose than those IDIOTS, so we transferred everything onto the site here, where it's still auto-updating.

Q. How was this website made?

A. We built it from scratch, with HTML, JavaScript, and Handlebars (a templating language to generate the list's HTML dynamically). Looking back, this probably isn't that good. Frameworks provide a lot of responsiveness. Oh well. We'll probably update the website sometime in the future.

Q. I want to add a doujin to the list that's not on there. What do I do?

A. It's most likely actually on there already, we just haven't sorted it yet. We ran a scan of nhentai and found over 8000 results, so it's actually really likely we have it already. If you are adamant that we check your doujin, post it on the Discord in #doujins. We'll just do a quick Ctrl+F.

Q. Why isn't this doujin tiered ___?

A. Tiers are subjective, we know. But this is multiple people putting their minds together to come up with a tier together, so it's about as unbiased as possible. If you disagree with a tier, tell us the new tier with the reasons you think it should go in that tier. If the reasons are good, we'll change the tier.

Q. Why is the info for the doujin wrong?

A. Report it on the Discord if it is wrong. We are juggling hundreds of doujins. (thousands waiting in line) Remember that we do this all in our own free time and often can't give the list 100% scrutiny. If it's a big problem (like something is licensed), we'll fix it immediately. Send an email to us at or post about it on the Discord.

Q. How do I join the effort?

A. Join the Discord, ask to help, and we'll get you set up. We're always looking for additional helpers.

Q. Where do I report a bug?

A. Go to the Discord and tell us!

Q. I have more questions. Where do I go to ask them?

I'm sure you've figured this out by now, but there's another channel in the Discord for that. Go to #nag-us or another applicable channel, and we'll get back to you.


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