Here you can find our standard operating procedures, along with a list of all our tags.

Also, we now have an API documentation page!

Tag List

These are all the tags we use on the website.

If you would like to suggest a new tag, tell us on our Discord.

Site Tags

To facilitate your searching and let you find exactly what you're looking for, site tags have now been added to every single entry. They are only visible on the entry page and not on the list page, but they can be searched.

All of the site tags are a direct copy (with some irrelevant/really pointless tags removed) tags from e-hentai, or nhentai if e-hentai is not present. If site tags is not present on an entry, it is because that entry is Imgchest-only, and doesn't have an e-hentai/nhentai link.

Tags from e-hentai have namespaces on them (and nhentai does not). Here's the namespaces in the Site Tags field and what they mean:

For more information on exactly how these namespaces are used, you can check the E-Hentai wiki for more details.

Additionally, all characters from nhentai or e-hentai are also available to search. (They don't have namespaces.)

Notably, when you search, you can search for specific namespaces (if you do, please use the FULL namespace name, like "female:something", NOT "f:something"). If you do, though, any sites that don't have an e-hentai link (and thus have site tags from nhentai, and no namespaces) will be EXCLUDED from your search.

Searching and Preloading Queries

We offer a very advanced and intuitive search, to help you find the works you want easily.

To use the regular search, you can just type in the search box, which searches all fields.

To do more advanced searches of specific fields, you can simply click the "Add Condition" button, which lets you add any amount of conditions in any combination of logical operators (for example, you can search for tag:"Tsundere" AND (tag:"Tomboy" OR tag:"Maid") and it will give you all Tsunderes that are either a tomboy or a maid.)

Query preloading is something you can do in the URL to preload certain search conditions upon page load. For example, if you link to, anyone who clicks on that link will immediately have "Herio" preloaded in the search bar.

Here is the full list of the conditions you can preload in the URL:

You can also mix-and-match preloading queries, or use multiple of the same query, like or

(Note that spaces are URL-encoded as %20 and plus signs are URL-encoded as %2b so they can actually be loaded properly. If you just use a plus sign, it won't work.)

How This List Was Put Together

First and foremost, we need to source works to actually sort. To find these, we run full, automated scans of nhentai, parse through Pastebins of hundreds of links, go through our Reddit saved sections, plumb the depths of exhentai, and scour the wastelands of countless h-manga websites.

Every work on this initial list is then thoroughly vetted for anything underage or unwholesome, then sorted. We check every work for licensing as well.

This might sound easy, but just sorting a single work, even with this rudimentary tag system, probably takes 5 minutes at the very least. This would have been completely impossible without the help of our collaborators.

The end result is a thing of beauty. A list with all the tags that people want to see, along with notes about potentially dangerous subjects, that has been thoroughly checked for any underage characters or licensed content. We put in a lot of work to make this list, so we hope you enjoy it.

Criteria For Doujins

Professionals have standards.

All works on our list are:

  • Not underage
  • Not licensed (except for the Licensed list)
  • At least a D- in wholesomeness
  • Not unwholesome (no NTR, rape, etc.)

Everything on our list meets these 4 criteria. If you spot something that does not, please let us know in our Discord, and we'll take care of it.

What's Considered Underage?

Since we're affiliated with r/wholesomehentai, the rules for what's considered underage are the same as over there. The full rules can be found here.

In short, here are the basic rules we follow:

  • If it's a parody, the characters must be 18+ in canon.
  • There must be no indicators of the characters being under 18. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Any ages mentioned below 18
    • A main character being in the 2nd year of high school (because they said "senpai" in a high school, their classroom sign said "2-B", or any other indicator)
  • The characters must look 18 or older (no thousand year old lolis).

Licensed Doujins

Again, since we're affiliated with r/wholesomehentai, we separate licensed works into a separate list on the website. DO NOT POST THEM on r/wholesomehentai.

The details of how to fully ensure a work is not licensed is far too complicated to discuss at length here - instead, just read the comprehensive guide at r/wholesomehentai.

License checking thousands of h-manga by hand would be unbelievably tiring, so we've developed a bot to help us do this sort of license-checking in a much better way. It runs a variety of checks using regular expressions and parsing, and then compares the title similarities with TensorFlow, a machine learning library (totally being used as intended).

With a list of this size, things are bound to slip through the cracks. Always check for yourself if the work is licensed or not. If you spot something that's actually licensed, let us know on Discord, or if you're into excessive formality, you can also email us at [email protected].


All our works are given a tier. Our tiering usually tries to follow this percentage distribution:

  • S: Perfection (4-6% of list)
  • A: Amazing (15-25% of list)
  • B: Good (40-60% of list)
  • C: Okay (15-25% of list)
  • D: Questionable (4-6% of list)

Each tier is further divided into +/-, such as A- or C+. (S+ does not exist.)

Our tiering is solely based on wholesomeness - not other factors, like uncensored, full color, or art style.


Q. What happened to the Google Sheet?

A. Google took it down. Apparently, there's a clause in their Terms of Service that disallows sharing anything "redirecting traffic to commercial pornography sites".

But clearly, us weebs are better than Google and have a more glorious purpose than those IDIOTS, so we made this website.*

*technically not this website. this one's the rewrite.

Q. How was this website made?

This website uses Express, Node.js and Handlebars for templating as the backend, and for the frontend, it uses DataTables, jQuery, Tailwind, Cookies-js (for dark mode), and excessive amounts of caffeine. The website deploys onto Heroku.

Behind the scenes, a slew of other creations keep the website running, such as a discord.js bot, a bot, a JDA bot... you know, I'm starting to see a trend.

Q. Why is this information wrong?

Q. How do I join the effort?

Q. How do I report a bug?

Q. I want to suggest h-manga, where do I go?

Q. I have more questions, where do I ask?

A. For the love of god, just join the Discord.

Wow, you actually made it to the bottom of the document. DM me (the owner) on Discord for a secret role.