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We do a lot of other stuff, for similar causes - or sometimes, just for fun. Any support we receive also supports these projects.

Campfire Scans

Campfire Scans

In our search for new works to sort and put on the list, we encountered many wholesome works that weren't translated. As a result, we decided to start our own scanlation team.

Our team name is Campfire Scans, and we exclusively scanlate wholesome hentai. To keep track of what we release, join our Discord. We post all of our new releases there.


Everything on this website falls under the r/wholesomehentai umbrella, and a lot of the core team members are moderators of r/wholesomehentai.

We also host the r/wholesomehentai moderation bot.

Wholesome Hentai
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Note: This bot is currently broken due to Discord forcing slash-commands and nhentai enabling Cloudflare protections.

We have a Discord bot for fetching information about nhentai, e-hentai, and works directly from the Wholesome God List. It was originally created to help us fetch information about works quicker, and it has an emphasis on wholesome hentai.

To invite it, or for more detailed information, check out its GitHub page.

Join our Discord to keep up with our projects and our latest shenanigans!